Ekho core

The Ekho Core is the foundation that Ekhosoft’s application solutions are built on.
It manages events, assets, processes, KPI calculations and contains the tools for data mining and analysis.

Asset hierarchy

The Asset Hierarchy is the framework against which all performance criteria, events and activities are structured. It manages all of your assets, from organizational units (company, geographical unit, division, plant, etc.) down through equipment, sub-assemblies and components.

  • Unlimited asset hierarchy level
  • Active Directory security with roles
  • Template based model
  • Intuitive model structure
  • Connection to external data sources
  • OSIsoft PI System connector for Asset Framework and Event Frames
  • Capability to link EAM / CMMS equipment definitions
  • Capability to link ERP equipment definitions

Event editor

The Event Editor allows you to capture events electronically or manually. Events can be categorized and event conditions can be used to trigger alerts and notifications. The Event Editor provides you with tools that give you give you a real-time view of your company's operations and allow you to reduce costs and improve yields, as well as improve regulatory compliance, reduce incidents and analyze events.

  • Time & interval-based events
  • Automatic and Manual Event creations
  • Predefined process monitoring types
  • Configurable event triggers
  • Messenger network subscriptions
  • Messenger publication actions
  • Support ERP transactions
  • Monitor processes & actions steps
  • Custom-made executions
  • Connectivity to OSIsoft PI Event Frames
  • Built-in actions/rules library
  • User-expandable library through add-ins

Event editor tools

The Event Editor is equipped with a series of innovative tools that help you create forms and configure your events.

  • Template Editor: Configures display formats in the Event Editor. It enables you to determine what events are shown, how they’re shown and how to interact with them. It also supports security around roles and responsibilities.
  • Form Builder: Builds Online web event forms that can be easily customized.
  • Rule Manager: Creates rules that will execute code in the forms.
  • Checklist Manager: Create checklists for inspection and maintenance staff.

KPI manager
(key performance indicator)

The KIP Manager is key to summarizing and analyzing production and operating performance. It includes applications for on-demand data retrieval and powerful information-management features. It also delivers context-sensitive links to related sources of information.

  • Unlimited KPI calculation & Custom calculations
  • CUBE calculation on event category breakdown for KPI
  • Assets hierarchy & seamless roll-ups of business KPI for events family
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Applies to business units, operating equipment or human resources, also used for targets & budgets
  • Data can be captured from operating equipment, data historians, related business systems, or the Internet
  • Deviations can be used to trigger alerts or notifications
  • Simple/advances formulas
  • Messaging publication/subscription
  • Scheduling process
  • Online monitoring activities

Ekho mobile

Ekho Mobile technology extends the functionality of the Ekhosoft all-in-one application solutions to Apple and Android mobile devices. Ekho Mobile can be used for directions to remote locations, executing PM or Safety related inspection tours, reporting problems, requisitioning parts, and executing and closing work orders.

  • Browser-based application using HTML 5
  • Compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices
  • Features both online and offline operating modes
  • Automatically updates once a connection is re-established.

Excel add-in

The Excel Add-in allows you to access the data from your Ekhosoft system through a Microsoft Excel spread sheet. This gives you the luxury of manipulating data, preparing charts, and creating easy-to-read reports from within a familiar program.

  • Convenient access to your data
  • Familiar interface
  • Easy data visualisation

Ekho design studio

The Ekho design studio enables us to offer you a customized Ekhosoft portal that reflects your needs.

  • Customize look and feel with personalized theme
  • Active directory security control for permissions
  • Advanced business rules manger with notifications
  • Unlimited dashboard and entry form creation

Configurable alerts

Configurable alerts and notifications solution allow you to establish rules for condition based alerts and notifications.

  • Automate the capture and visualization of warning events
  • Monitor for certain, specific conditions based on data points
  • Interfaces directly with your existing systems and Data Historian
  • Rule based warning configuration
  • Interface with multiple sources of data including SQL, Oracle, XML, Historian
  • Warning event logging, tracking and notification
  • Log warning events based on specific rules or triggers
  • Notify individuals or groups of individuals via email or system messaging

Messaging network

Messaging Network allows you to have better interaction with the data that flows to and from the platform. It’s push-and-pull mechanism enhanced the interaction with the application solutions and faster notifications from any computer connected to the Messaging Network.

Additions or changes on Assets/Events Hierarchy

  • User interactions with the Ekho System, such as:
    • Manual entries (quality test, check list, RCA request, and more)
    • Incoming transactions (SAP transactions, CMMS work orders, tailored transactions)
    • Event monitoring rules deviations
    • Ekho CORE Modules interactions
  • Publishing and subscriptions can have different parameters:
    • Simple messages
    • System actions (library executions, layout refresh, visual notifications, and more)
    • Custom-made actions (code executions)

Software as a Service Agreement (SaaS)

Ekhosoft licences its unique operational management and intelligence solution under a Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement for a Cloud based installation.

Aspire to amazing performance. NOW!

  • Streamline deployment
  • Lower the complexity and cost of ownership
  • Accelerate time to value

Call us at 450-462-8105 to learn more about our Software as a Service solutions.