Operations and Sales

Mark Collins

General Manager

Our West Coast homing pigeon.

Chantal Gélinas

Operations Director

Makes us wear a cupcake hat on our birthday.

Francis Mercier


If he didn't exist, we would have to create him.

Patrick Ramsey

Sales and Bus. Dev.

TNT, he's dynamite.

User-Focused Strategy Group

Jacinthe Bélair

Technical Writer

Movie trivia queen.

Karen Jay

QA Analyst

Bringer of tasty and delicious potluck food.

Nathalie Labrie

QA Analyst

Baker of sublime desserts.

Development and Integration

Patrick Bergeron

Database Admin

Knows how to smoke the best ribs!

Ghislain Coulombe

Project Manager

The best dancer on Awesome Avenue.

Thomas Drolet


Can rock a cupcake hat like no other.

Timothée Hébert


We all bow to the origami master.

Anthony Fontaine


Do not speak ill of Daryl in his presence. Go #darylteam!

Yannick Galipeau

Project Manager

Most likely to break into song.

Ana Isabel Gutiérrez


Our very own globetrotter.

Martin Longpré


Dancing King, young and sweet, always seventeen.

Jeffrey Maqsoudi

Project Manager

The suit amongst t-shirts.

Kamila Ramos

Project Coordinator

An iron hand in a velvet glove (and really silky hair).

Éric Tremblay


Ekhosoft Lego Pro.

Louis-Philippe Trempe


Our human google machine.

Francis Trepanier


Our man of mystery.

Todd Van Hammond

Project Manager

Our Wisconsin kid.

Ana Viera


Our ray of sunshine in the office.