Manage assets and events without limitations

Live. Anywhere. Anytime.

Transform your operational data into actionable insights for faster and better decision-making 

Each of your assets has a history, relationships and dependencies.
Although intangible, these impact operations and performance.

Do more than detect, record, and communicate operational data.

Build intelligence from them.

Generate rich, actionable intelligence from real-time contextualized events

Our unique technology enables you to gain an unparalleled understanding of all assets and events interactions, allowing you to evaluate your assets’ capacity and performance in real time, determine their overall effectiveness (OEE), analyze and calculate mission-critical KPI’s, establish maintenance requirements as well as be able to drive root-cause analysis.

Scalable, efficient & change-resistant, our solutions adapt to changing priorities and new operational requirements.

Manage your overall asset hierarchy from organizational units (company, region, division, plant, etc.) down through equipment sub-assemblies and components – reaching the level of detail required to address critical issues.

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Fast-tracked solutions. Totally configurable. Requiring no development.

Our solutions easily integrate with industry-standard solutions to streamline deployment, reduce complexity, lower the cost of ownership and accelerate implementation to value.

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Intuitive Application Designer

Our intuitive web-based App Designer editor anticipates common design patterns and help you customize your own user interfaces and dashboards.

  • Drag-and-drop components
  • Create templates from a large library of predefined objects
  • Set up multiple entry and workflow forms
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