As the forerunner in operational management and intelligence software solutions, we deliver powerful, event-driven application solutions designed for large-scale operations in process and renewable industries.

We are not your typical software company…

And we don’t just deliver yet another performance-management solution.
Our all-in-one application solutions help solve real business problems.


We collect real-time data from your control systems and combine them with data from your business systems and the web, to deliver key insights into your operations and make performance initiatives possible.


Successfully installed in hundreds of organization sites across North and South America, Europe and Scandinavia, our solutions drill down into operations to uncover patterns and set actions in order to improve and automate business processes.

Do business in an entirely new and efficient way!

Unique in the industry, our all-in-one application solutions are configurable and can be adapted to your organization’s needs and requirements. Our installation process is the fastest in the industry and is accomplished with no software development.

As the leading provider of operations management and operational intelligence software solutions, we have extensive industry experience working with operational and performance-management solutions. With personnel in Canada, Europe and across the United States, and with partners in the Asia Pacific region and China, we are uniquely positioned to service your needs on a global scale.


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The support that we at Essar Steel Algoma continue to receive from Ekhosoft in streamlining our reporting systems with Ironmaking has exceeded our expectations. The Ekhosoft team has proven that they are very proactive and cooperative. It is refreshing to see a software supplier that is truly committed to the success of its clients.

Abbie DiDonato

Senior Technical Specialist
Central Services, Essar Steel Algoma Inc.

Pattern has been a customer of iTis for almost 2 years. Since our partnership began, iTi’s Ekho platform has greatly improved how we operate our business. With Ekho, we have begun to focus on driving higher levels of performance at our facilities. The tool has enabled us to gain insights into our operation that were previously not visible without a significant time investment.

As we have grown, Ekho has grown with us and has had the flexibility to evolve as operational focuses have shifted. All of this would not be possible without the highly exceptional team of people behind the product. The level of service that we receive as a user of the Ekho platform is unparalleled. With the level of flexibility of the software itself and the brilliant team at iTi, Pattern has been able to find innovative ways to improve operational excellence across our entire fleet. We are looking forward to continuing to grow as a business and having Ekho alongside every step of the way.

Jeff Mahoney

Pattern Energy

We have been using EKHO for 2 years and it has been very successful. EKHO has allowed us to establish communication between various systems to share data, eliminating redundant data entry work. It has also created the opportunity for certificates of analysis to be automatically generated, electronically distributed and filed at the time of shipment, which has greatly improved our performance. The Ekhosoft team’s prompt service and friendly support has been wonderful. They are great people to work with.

Craig Skrivseth

Quality Manager, Encapsys
A Division of Appleton Papers, Inc.

Ekhosoft recruits the top talent from our industry – creative people who thrive on challenge, are dedicated to performance, and are curious and bold individuals.

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